Developing Communication & Language 0-3s


This workshop is delivered by EYFS Consultants from Lancashire County Council.


  • To clarify the importance of developing an understanding of early communication and language
  • To explore the role of the adult in developing young children’s language
  • To discuss strategies which support children in developing their communication and language

Key messages:

  • What is communication and language used for?
  • Review of different types of language; Social, Functional the purpose, the use, adult role embedded in discussion
  • What is communication; identification of early stages of communication and language development
  • Aspects of language; EYFS; Listening and attention, Understanding and Speaking ; How does it develop and strategies to develop
  • Tips for English as additional language learners
  • SLCN definition – knowing when to seek additional help – strategies to support; difficult to understand, reluctant talkers
  • Top Tips for parents
  • Where to go for further information