Chat! Play! Read!

Based on the recent government report ‘Improving the Home Learning Environment’ (Nov 18); we are asking local early years professionals to get involved in supporting families to ‘Chat, Play and Read’ with their young children.

On this page we have added some useful links and resources and we’ll be adding more throughout the year.

You can also see examples of good practice from some of our local settings on our Facebook page - Fylde and Wyre Early Language

Good communication isn't just about talking!

(Used with permission of The Communication Trust)

For ideas about how you can support each of these areas using 'Chat Play Read' click here.

Do you and your team have regular conversations with families about communication? Do you talk about talking?!

For each age group, you'll find posters which give practitioners the key messages to share with parents at each age; we've also added some links to other information you might find helpful for each age group.