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October 10, 2023
Digital plan

1. Name of the trust’s EPR
2. Name of the trust’s integration platform(s)
3. What are the trust’s digital priorities?
4. Do you have any plans for a clinical data repository/regional shared care record?
4A. If so, what is it called?
4B. If no, is this likely to happen?
5. Does the trust have any clinical systems which are unable to share data interoperably?
6. Does the trust use or is planning to use Artificial Intelligence for diagnostics?
7. Does the trust use or is planning to use Clinical Decision Support tools?
8.Does the trust have a Genomics data management strategy?
9.Does the trust have an OpenEHR or other vendor-neutral interoperability strategy in place?
9A. If not, is it likely the ICB will develop one?


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