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October 12, 2023
Translation and Interpreting Services

1. Please confirm your Trust’s overall spending on Translation and Interpreting Services, for each of the financial years:
a. 2020-2021:
b. 2022-2023:

2. Please provide a breakdown of languages for the last 12 months
3. What languages were your suppliers not able to supply in 2022?

4. Which external supplier(s) do you currently use to deliver your interpreting and translation services ?

5. Are you able to provide approximate fee / interpreting session for:
a. In-person/face to face interpreting
b. Telephone interpreting
c. Video interpreting

6. If you outsource the provision of interpreting services to an external provider, could you please confirm:
a) Whether the provider was contracted via a national framework? If so, which one?

b) When does the current contract expire?

c) Is there is an exclusivity clause, which would prevent the trust from piloting new cost saving interpreting services during the duration of your contract with your existing provider?

7. From which budget within your organisation are interpreting services funded?

8. Where do you advertise your tenders? If you do not do a full tender / which frameworks would you use?

9. What is the start and end date for either the framework or direct contracts you have with interpreting and translation supplier(s)?

10. Please provide the name and email of the contract manager for the service

11. If we would like to engage in conversation with a member of staff in your organisation to discuss the innovation we propose to develop, who would be the most suitable person to approach?


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