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August 27, 2019
Spending On Medical Locums

1). What was the highest amount you spent on a single medical locum shift (regardless of length) in a. the current financial year 2019-20 to date b. 2018-19 and c. 2017-18? Please state specialty and grade involved, length of shift and date/dates worked in each case. Please include any agency commission.

2). With regard to the highest amount spent in the current financial year, was this shift offered to doctors at your trust? Did their reasons for refusal relate to concerns over the tax treatment of pension contributions?

3). How much did you spend on locum medics each month in the following periods

Financial year 2017-18

Financial year 2018-19

So far this financial year (please state end date)

How many shifts were involved in each period?

Please give figures broken down by month eg April 2017 £75,000 (150 shifts) May 2017 £100,000 (29 shifts) etc


1). 2019-20 :- 23 hours – £2714       Dept: General Medical / Acute

2018-19 :- 14.5 hours – £1740        Dept: A&E

2017 – 16 hours – £1808       Dept: A&E

All grades involved are Consultants

We are unable to provide the date/dates worked as the requested information relates to a very small number of individuals and to provide further detail may breach their confidentiality. Therefore we are exempting this information as personal and applying Section 40(2).

Also, Specific details relating to pricing  payment structure are confidential and commercially sensitive due to the nature of the agreements we have in place, therefore we are exempting this information under section 43(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 as disclosure would prejudice the commercial interests of the Trust.

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