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August 12, 2019
Private Patient Beds - 12/08/2019

1). How many private patient beds does your trust currently have in each of the following settings?

a) A dedicated private patient unit

b) Private patient wards

c) Other private beds eg. on or near NHS wards

2). What is the total number of private beds currently designated for self-pay patients?

3). Are NHS patients ever allocated private beds? If so, what proportion of private bed days would be taken up in this way (2018/19)?

4). Please state the total annual cost to your NHS Trust in providing self-pay treatment in 2018/19.

5). Please state the total amount billed for provision of private treatment in 2018/19 to:

a) self-pay patients

b) private health insurer(s)

6). Please state the amount received as a result of this billing in each case



a) 6 rooms with en-suite in a self-contained ward

b) 1

c) A number of beds across the hospital, depending on the care pathway of the patient can be used for Private Patients

2). As an NHS organisation beds for Private Patients are not designated

3). N/A as this is an NHS hospital

4). This information is not recorded

5). Details of Trust Private Patient income can be found In our annual accounts we do not differentiate between the payees for recording PP activity. Please follow the link below to view our annual accounts:

Annual Accounts

6). Details of Trust Private Patient income can be found In our annual accounts, link above.

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