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August 1, 2019
Complaints About Staff

I would like to request under the Freedom of Information Act a spreadsheet with data about staff from inpatient mental health units under the trust with the following headings:

‘Calendar year’, eg 2018
‘Total number of staff’, eg 200
‘NHS staff’, eg 150
‘Agency staff’, eg 50
‘Total number of complaints about staff that year’, eg 15
‘Total number of complaints about NHS staff that year’, eg 7
‘Total number of complaints about agency staff that year’, eg 8
I would like the data for each year from 2010 including the most recent data available for 2019.


We are an Acute General Hospital and not a Mental Health Unit/Hospital, Our Trust does not provide inpatient mental health care.

Inpatient mental health care in this area is provided by Lancashire Care Foundation Trust.

A link to their FOI team email address can be found here:


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