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July 25, 2019
Audio Video Services

1). Who are your current supplier(s) of Audio Visual (AV) and Video Conferencing (VC) equipment and services?

2). How many video enabled MDT’s, Boardrooms and meeting / training rooms do you have within your organisation and when was the last upgrade or refresh to these rooms?

3). Do you have a support contract in place for these rooms and if so, when is the expiry date(s)?

4). What has been your annual spend over the last 3 years (16/17 17/18 18/19) on AV / VC hardware, services and support?

5). Specifically in terms of MDT’s, do you use a N3/HSCN service to allow connectivity to other internal / external MDT’s / remote participants? If yes, which service do you use?

6). Do you have a Digital strategy in place around Video based consultations? If so have you implemented a service and if yes, which service do you use?

7). Could you provide a name and contact details for who is responsible for your MDT rooms?

8). Could you provide a name and contact details for your IT lead / manager?


1) Virgin Media

2). Two, January 2018

3). August 2024

4). Over the last 3 years, our Trust has spent £35,103.53 on AV / VC hardware, services and support,

This amount is exclusive of the £48k bid which was awarded from Health Education England in December 2018, to establish a VR Training unit / system.

5). No

6). Blackpool Teaching Hospitals is aligned to the Digital Strategy of the ICP (Integrated Care System).  Cisco products and inhouse developments are utilised to deliver video based consultations.

7). Marion Bennie, Tony Rathbone, 01253 300000

8). Shaun Bucknill, 01253 300000

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