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July 24, 2019
Pre-Filled Syringes

I would like a list of employee job titles (not personal data) for those within your trust who are decision-makers regarding the decision to procure pre-filled syringes in analgesic, anaesthetic or emergency care.

This could include those employees involved with procurement and management of these products – although I’m not sure!

This information will be used to better understand the general process for the UK, and not reported at an institution level.


At our Trust we do not have a formal process for making these decisions. It will depend on the drug and many other factors. Requests for new drugs and the use of unlicensed drugs are considered by the Drugs and Therapeutics Committee with the Assistant Director of Pharmacy – Support Services  responsible for the procurement of medicines. Clinical pharmacists working within specialities would also have involvement in the process.

Pre-filled analgesic syringes are not used in the Emergency Department of Blackpool Teaching Hospitals

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