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July 10, 2019
Agency Nurses - 10th July 2019

1). How many agency nursing shifts have your Trust used Thornbury nursing services for in the last 30 days? 2). Please provide a breakdown of the amount of shifts per ward or Departments that Thornbury filled for agency nurses in the last 30 days. 3). What other nursing agencies do you use off contract/off framework? 4). How many nursing shifts did other off contract agencies fill in the last 30 days? 5). Are there any other services linked to your Trust that utilize TNS or any other off contract supplier re Prisons, or community based services? If so please provide a list of these services and the amount of nursing shifts filled in each over the last 30 days 6). How many agency shifts are filled above the 50% nhsi increased caps in the last 30 days 7). Please list the agencies you are utilizing above the nhsi 50% increased caps.


1). I can confirm our Trust has used Thornbury nursing services for 90 shifts in total in the last 30 days. 2). Bookings are allocated on arrival (AOA) shifts and therefore we don’t know where they will be working until they arrive. Please see accompanying document for number of shifts etc. 3). Pulse for A & E supply 4). 17 – Pulse only – other agencies are supplying through Medacs managed service 5). N/A 6). All but 3 shifts on 9th and 10th June are above price cap as agency price cap is £284.52 for a 12 hour shift Please see accompanying document for further information. 7). Thornbury

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