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June 28, 2019
Medical & Nursing Staff

Freedom of Information Request – Medical Staff

1. What is the number of major’s cubicles including ambulance?

2. What is your medical funded establishment (Breakdown by grade)?

3. What is the daily medical shop floor cover by hour

4. Do you have copies of your ED medical rota templates?

5. What was the locum spend for 2018/19 for ED doctors?

6. What are your ED locum rates of pay?

Freedom of Information Request – Nursing

1. What is the nurse ratio in resus?

2. What is the nurse ratio in major’s cubicles including ambulance bays?

3. Do you have a nurse that is not an ENP dedicated to minors?

4. Do you have dedicated ECG tech and phlebotomist?

5. What was the ED nurse overspend for 2018/19?





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