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August 2, 2019
Car Parking 15/08/19

1. Does your hospital charge for parking?
2. How many spaces does your car park have?
3. What system do you use for cashless (pay by phone) parking and when does the current contract end?
4. What software do you use for Fixed Penalty Notice enforcement ( FPN issue and processing) and when does the current contract end?
5. What software do you use to issue parking permits and season tickets and when does the current contract end?


Yes the Trust charges for patients, visitors and staff for  parking

732 Patient/Visitor   1540 Staff

The main entrance car park has the facility to pay by card. The surface Pay & Display car parks are currently cash only but a card facility is to be introduced by the end of September 2019

No contract the Trust manages it’s own Enforcement procedures in line with British Parking Association policy

No Contract – Trust has it’s own car park management system

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