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September 10, 2018
Direct Engagement Facilitator.
  1. Does your organization use a Direct Engagement scheme?
    2. If so, who provides it? And when did you start using it?
    3. Did you take external legal advice before entering into it and, if so, from whom did you take external legal advice?
    4. What has your total locum/temporary staffing spend since you started using the scheme? If you started using the scheme before April 2017 please also state the total locum/temporary staffing spend since April 2017.
    5. How does the third party direct engagement facilitator save you money on the agency spend? Please answer in short point form
    6. How much has been paid to the third party direct engagement facilitator thus far?
    7. Was this payment calculated as a percentage of the savings generated by employing the services of the third party direct engagement facilitator? If so, what percentage is this?
  1. Direct engagement savings are delivered on medical and AHP agency spend via the Trust’s managed service contract.


  1. The managed service contract is with Medacs Healthcare. Direct engagement savings were realised from October 2014


  1. None taken


  1. Total Trust spend on agency staff from April 2017 to July 2018 was £18,536,000 (not all of this was incurred through the managed service contract)


  1. Direct engagement savings delivered through VAT treatment of locum medical and AHP staff.

Managed service provider also delivers savings through reduced hourly agency pay rates and permanent recruitment to posts currently filled by agency


  1. Managed service fee incorporates direct engagement – there is no specific payment for direct engagement


  1. No
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