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September 7, 2018
Cancer Referrals 2

For urgent cancer referrals for all cancers for year 2017-2018, I am struggling to find quarter 2,  as when I download it, it looks like quarter 3 is duplicated in error and therefore quarter 2 is a actually not readily available. Therefore the data for urgent cancer referrals is not readily available and sufficient as per my request of the past 12 months.  Please can you provide this? For quarters 1,3 & 4. Statistics show that 504 people were not seen within the 2 week time limit. Please can you inform me of the reasons/factors as to why the 2 week urgent referral was not met.  I have also noted that breast cancer referrals are the most failed referrals. Again for that specific area please can you inform me of the factors that prevented patients being seen within the 2 week urgent referral?


Please find attached the link to the whole of 2017/18 as published by NHS England and our data is contained by both % and numbers of patients.  We cannot see duplications on this view.




Patients are not seen within the 2 week timescales for a number of reasons with the largest proportion due to choice for example: patient cancellations, rearranges, patients declining initial dates and agreeing dates outside of the offered timescales, offered within the later part of two weeks and unable to make dates within timescale and clinic availability which in the main is only a small proportion.

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