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September 5, 2018
Digital Maturity Assessment

Please provide all of results of the Digital Maturity Assessment (hereafter DMA) for your trust, which you should be able to access through the DMA portal. Each measure is represented as a score out of 100. Where possible, please also include this figures for the last (2016) digital maturity assessment.

This will include, but may not be not limited to:

  • The overall digital “readiness” of the trust
  • The overall digital “capability” of the trust
  • The overall digital “infrastructure” of the trust
  • Records, Assessment, & Plans
  • Orders & results management
  • Transfer of care
  • Medicines Optimisation
  • Decision Support
  • Remote & Assistive Care
  • Asset & Resource Optmisation
  • Business & Clinical Intelligence
  • Standards
  • Enabling Infrastructure

Please see attached document


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