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December 14, 2018

Please advise the total cost of nursing uniforms for financial year 2016-17 and 2017-18?

Different grades (Bands) of nursing staff wear distinctly coloured uniforms; please provide information regarding the different coloured uniforms used for each grade of nursing staff?

How much does the Trust pay per “NHS” LOGO?

What is the delivery time of uniform per order from your supplier?

Do you order 100% cotton Scrubs? If you do what is annual spend and usage of 100% cotton Scrubs. What colour scrubs do you order?

Who is your current provider for uniforms? When does the contract end?

Would you change providers if you can make 15% – 25% savings on uniforms?

Who is the Buyer for uniforms within your Trust? Please provide name, email address and telephone number.


We can confirm the total cost of nursing uniforms for financial year 2016-17 and 2017-18 is:

2016-17:     £128,015

2017-18:     £146,655

Healthcare Assistant ( or same band) – Band 2 – White Dress/Tunic and Navy Trousers

Assistant Practitioner – Band 4 – Pale blue/white stripe dress/tunic and navy trouser

Staff Nurse – Band 5 – Hospital blue dress/tunic and Navy Trouser

Sister/ Ward Manager/ Nurse Specialist – Band 6+ – Navy dress/tunic and navy trouser

Midwife – grey/white stripe dress/tunic and navy trouser or hospital blue scrub tunic and navy trouser

Duty Matron – Purple/ dress/tunic and Navy Trouser

Advance practitioner – Burgundy/ dress/tunic and burgundy or black Trouser

Clinical Matron – Grey/charcoal dress/tunic and black trouser

Resuscitation officer – Peacock/turquoise dickie scrubs


7 – 10 Days

No we do not order 100% cotton scrubs

Alexandra/Uniformity – March 2019

Information not held.

Buyer: Neil Parkinson

Email: Neil.parkinson@elht.nhs.uk

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