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FOI Request

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FOI 02672
Request Date
August 28, 2018
Rota / Rostering System

Under the provision of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 please can you answer the following questions relating to the rota/rostering system(s) you currently use:


  1. Name of Softwares
  2. Description of their uses (including the staffing groups or departments they are used for)
  3. Who signed the contract (job title)
  4. What is the maximum sign off value of this person’s position?
  5. What was the value of the contract?
  6. What is the contract term?
  7. When was it signed?
  8. What is the notice period?
  9. Was it bought through a framework? If so, please state which one
  1. Allocate Software
  2. All Staff

3          Director of Nursing as e-Rostering resided under nursing division at the time of the contract being signed, the Deputy Chief Exec for Medical Staff.

  1. Projects which have an annual cost less than £164,176 per annum

5          £176,558 over 5 years for medical £83,588 annually for agenda for change staff

  1. 5 years, for agenda for change staff, until 31st January 2021 for medical staff
  2. 1st July 2016 for agenda for change staff, 1 October 2016 for medical staff
  3. Not specified – please see excerpt below:



  1. This Contract shall take effect on the Effective Date and shall expire on:
  2. This is a Perpetual Licence.
  3. The CUSTOMER may at any time by notice in writing terminate this Contract as from the date of service of such notice, or a later date specified in such notice, if any of Termination Events occur.”


  1. If so, please state which one: The original framework we used was Sprint II which now comes under Crown Commercial Services and we direct awarded to SCC.
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