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August 24, 2018
Agency Doctor Spend
  • Please could you provide me a breakdown of the locum agency doctor spend for the last financial year? Please break this down in to specialty and grades
  • Please could you provide me a breakdown of the permanent doctor vacancies across the trust?
  • Please could you confirm how many agency locums are currently in post on long term agency contracts?
  • Please could you provide how much the trust have paid to agencies for introductory fees?
  • Please provide details of any overseas recruitment campaigns that the trust have taken part in for the recruitment of doctors?



  1. Please see attached document
  2.   Variance Full Time Equivalent
    Medical & Dental Total -100.70
    Medical & Dental Total exc Doctors in training -43.70
    Consultants -27.49
    SAS and Trust Grade -27.66
    Doctors in Training (Pennine) -57.00
    Doctors in Training (non Pennine) 11.00
    Dental 0.45
  3. 24
  4. Nil
  5. 1 overseas recruitment campaign to Dubai –

    Flight: £7,189

    Accommodation : £14,950

    Total cost – £22,139

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