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FOI Request

Disclosure ID
FOI 02620
Request Date
August 1, 2018
New Junior Doctor Contract

Under the Freedom of Information Act I would like to request copies of some information known to the trust.

Please disclose:

1. How many junior doctors are employed by the trust on the new junior doctor contract terms and conditions?

2. What was the total number of exception reports since August 2016?

3. Of the total in 2) above please state which fell into the following categories:
a. A breach of the average 48 hr week
b. A breach of the maximum 72 hr week

4. Please indicate the total number of outcomes in the following categories:
a. Compensation to the doctor and a work schedule review
b. Overtime payment to the doctor
c. Time off in lieu or toil
d. No further action

5. What was the total money paid to the Guardian and spent on education and training?

6. What was the total number of fines levied by the Guardian?

7. What was the total value of the fines levied by the Guardian?


1. 70 Trust employed Foundation Doctors and 83 Hosted trainees via the Lead Employer Arrangement = 153 in total.

2. 321.

3a. Information not held.

3b. 1 breach.

4a. 0.
4b. 116.
4c. 17.
4d. 16.

5. Total amount paid to the Guardian of Safe Working Hours is £72.09, no monies have been spent yet.

6. 1.

7. £132.93 = £60.85 trainee and £72.09 to the Guardian.

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