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January 21, 2016
Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

1) In each of the last three calendar years how many women a year are diagnosed with Pelvic Congestion Syndrome (PCS)?


2) In each of the last three calendar years how many women have received a diagnostic test for PCS?


3) On average how many diagnostic tests do women presenting with pelvic pain receive prior to formal diagnosis?


4) What information is offered to women who present with pelvic pain?


5) On average, how much money a year is spent on diagnostic tests for women presenting with pelvic pain?


1. We are unable to provide this information as the code used would also include other pelvic conditions.

2) We do not record tests specifically for PCS.


3) Pelvic ultrasound and diagnostic laparoscopy.


4) Discussion re diet, medical treatments to try and resolve their symptoms-eg combined oral contraceptive, Mirena IUS.


5) We are unable to give an accurate figure as patients with symptoms of PCS are not differentiated from other patients with Gynecological symptoms.

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