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January 19, 2016
IT Information
  1. Do you provide or promote the use of any mobile applications by your patients/service users? If so please answer the following questions for each application, if known.

a.Name of application

b.Software supplier

c.Number of users associated with the trust.


  1. Do you use any patient self-check-in or information kiosks, if yes please answer the following questions for each application, If known

a.The Area in the hospital the system is used

b.The primary function of the system

c.The System supplier

d.Number of Users per year

e.Cost of each system 2014/15 and year to date 2015/16.


  1. Please supply the name and email address of the persons in post for each of the following roles:

a.Head/Director of IM&T

b.Head/Director of Transformation or person responsible for delivery of Cost Improvement Scheme

c.Senior Manager responsible for Cancer Services and/or Outpatients



b. Not applicable

c. Not applicable

2a. Multiple areas – including the majority of our main outpatient receptions.

2b. To help improve patent flow and support patients to check-in for their appointment.

2c. Savience

2d. Approximatley 30+ thousand per annum

2e. Annual maintenance costs and support 2014/15 £33,157 2015/16 = £33,522

3a Head of Information Steven Bloor – Steven.Bloor@bfwh.nhs.uk

3b. Cost Improvement Director John Hampton – John.Hampton@bfwh.nhs.uk

3c. Deputy Director of Operations Ann Conley – Ann.conley@bfwh.nhs.uk


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