Critical Care colleagues get first look at new unit

The new Critical Care unit will include bespoke lighting

The new Critical Care unit will include bespoke lighting

A new Critical Care Unit, which brings together the Blackpool Teaching Hospitals High Dependency Unit and Intensive Care Unit is set to be the next phase of the Emergency Village opening.

The Emergency Village development is focused on upgrading facilities and adding capacity, enhancing patient experience. Plans will see a new Critical Care building constructed behind the current Emergency Department / Urgent Care Centre.

The current High Dependency unit and Intensive Care Units will move from their current locations, freeing up room for the Emergency Department to expand.

Critical Care colleagues have now taken the opportunity to cast their eyes over the brand-new dedicated unit ahead of their move in August.

Incorporating 16 dedicated intensive care rooms, the new unit will include state-of-the-art technology and equipment and features improved facilities for both patients, visitors and  colleagues. The design of the unit has taken into consideration the views of patients and visitors, thanks to a Patient Focus Group, as well as the expertise of Dr Rob Thompson, Critical Care Lead for the Emergency Village, and Ward Manager, Amy Cartmell.

Dr Wendy Aubrey, Divisional Head of Department for Critical Care was a member of the delegation who got a preview of the unit and admitted that she was looking forward to seeing the team move in.

“The biggest benefit of the new facility will undoubtedly be the individual rooms,” Dr Aubrey said.

“I think that patients will experience a much quieter and a less traumatic environment. Hopefully their sleep quality will be better, which will aid their recovery.

“This is a purpose-built environment, one with lots of natural light, which will be important for both patients and staff.”

Karen Smith, Critical Care Matron was also on the visit and was confident that the new unit will have a positive impact on patient care.

She said: “I’m super excited. It’s taken two years to get to this point and now we have seen it take shape and it has become a reality.

“I’m delighted with the impact that the new unit will have on patient care, there will be increased safety, more dignity and improved shower and toilet facilities. It’s going to be a game changer.

“We’ve had a good look around today and watching the nurses’ faces, you can see how delighted they are. Just little things like how wide the doors are, how much space and visibility you have, it is very reassuring for us.”

Dr Wendy Aubrey examines one of the new bays

Dr Wendy Aubrey examines one of the new bays

Emma Kenworthy, Staff Nurse in Critical Care said: “It looks so much bigger and brighter, and there is a lot more room for staff and the patients. It is a better environment for visitors compared to the facilities what offer now.”

Tracy Denney, Ward Clerk in Critical Care echoed her colleagues feelings : “I think it is fabulous. It’s a lot lighter than our current unit, and there’s a lot more space, not just for us, but for the patients too. I think it is a big positive for the Trust, I am absolutely stunned how amazing it is.”

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