Clinical Quality Academy underway for second cohort

The Trust’s second cohort of Clinical Quality Academy improvers officially launched their improvement projects last week when the first session took place at Blackpool Conference and Exhibition Centre.

Ten clinically-led teams from across all areas of the Trust will take part in a series of sessions learning the key principles of improvement science from improvement scientists’ academic experts and thought leaders and work collaboratively with other teams in order to achieve their aim.

Last Friday’s session was delivered by Brandon Bennett, Improvement Advisor for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in the United States.

The teams are as follows

Medical Lead  Project


Dr Amina Farooq, Acute Medicine Consultant


Calculating Well’s score in cases of suspected VTE / DVT before performing d-dimer on AMU
Dr Will Simpson, Consultant Cardiothoracic Anaesthetist, Head of Department


Cardiac Theatres – a redesign of the service with the needs of patients in mind with the aim of supporting and integrating services across departments to provide high quality, timely care to patients
Mr Amal Bose, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Head of Department


Tertiary Services Surgical Pathway – redesign of service and understand the reasons for delays
Dr Heather Catt, Public Health Consultant


Long-term emotional and physical health of an individual
Dr Reham Ahmed, SAS Doctor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Breech Antenatal Clinic – to reduce the number of avoidable c-sections but developing an ECV clinic
Mr Alex Blackmore, Consultant Surgeon, Head of Department


Retrospective analysis undertaken for patients treated for unexplained retroperitoneal/abdominal pain in the Emergency Department
Mr Ziauddin Khan, Consultant Urologist


Safe Urethral Catheterisation to decrease patient morbidity and cost of care
Dr Tina Dwivedi, Sexual Health and Reproductive Health Consultant


Improving services for non-English speaking patients
Dr Jonas Eichhofer, Consultant Cardiologist and Chief Clinical Information Officer


Improving the outpatient service for Cardiac Patients
Mr Ken Wong, Consultant Cardiologist


Reduce Hospitalisation in acute Heart Failure Patients and reduce echocardiography waiting list
Dr Sunita Avinash, Consultant Cardiologist


Optimising Cardiac Cath Lab Utilisation
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