Clifton Hospital welcomes new Imaging room

Radiographers Janice Walker, Laura Stainton and Anna Metcalfe

Patients are to benefit from new state of the art imaging equipment at Clifton Hospital.

The digital imaging facility now makes appointments quicker for outpatients, inpatients and referrals from GP practices. Taking the image is now much more flexible.

Digital radiography is a form of X-ray imaging, where digital X-ray sensors are used instead of imaging plates.

Radiographer, Janice Walker, said: “This new equipment is so much easier to move. It is extremely flexible and even goes down to the ground for recording images such as foot X-rays.

“The digital imaging facility will reduce examination times and enhance image quality with lower doses to patients.’’

The equipment features an auto-positioning function that moves the X-ray tube into position automatically. Fixed X-ray detectors in the table and wall stand also limit manual handling risks to staff. This allows staff additional time to focus on patient positioning and care.

Superintendent Radiographer Alison Williams, said: “The old room was cumbersome and difficult for staff to use.


“The new installation offers superior image quality with improved speed and efficiency which we hope will have a really positive impact on patients.

“The room has many intuitive features and staff feedback so far has been very encouraging”.

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