Neurodevelopmental Pathway

The Fylde Coast School Age Neurodevelopmental Pathway is an integrated multiagency pathway for children and young people age 5-16 years who are causing parental and professional concern and who require multiagency, specialist consideration of their needs.

Referrals will be accepted from a professional who knows the child or young person well and who is able to supply all the information needed to enable effective triage. This will include paediatricians, child and adolescent psychiatrists, SENCO’s, educational psychologists, clinical psychologists, therapists, school nurses and CAMHS Practitioners.

Referrals should be made using the School-Age ND Pathway referral form. Referrals must be made with the knowledge and consent of the person(s) with parental responsibility for the child or young person. The service does not accept self-referrals. The child or young person being referred must have a GP in Blackpool Fylde or Wyre, and evidence of targeted interventions already in place must be detailed in the referral

All referrals go to the Neurodevelopmental Pathway clinical lead and will be triaged with one of the pathway consultants. If accepted the pathway coordinator will contact the families to discuss the process and to start gathering further information about the child or young person prior to their assessment with one of the 6 pathway consultants. The pathway clinical lead as a point of contact for families throughout the process. As part of the multiagency approach the child or young person is likely to have assessments with other members of the multiagency team such as speech therapy. The pathway team work closely with our partners in Education to gather information about the child or young person and their presenting needs and form an integral part of any subsequent multiagency discussions that take place.

When all the assessments have been completed the multiagency team meet to discuss the child or young person’s presenting needs. This may or may not result in a diagnosis of Autism, the pathway consultant will contact the family to discuss the outcome and how any decisions made were reached.

Referrals must be made by a one of the professionals mentioned and be for a child registered with a GP surgery in Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre. Any queries for children not registered within the area should be directed to your GP, paediatrician, or education setting.

Neurodevelopmental Pathway flowchart

Support and Advice

If your child has been referred onto the Neurodevelopmental Pathway, or is on their diagnosis journey, you may wish to learn more about support available to you in Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre. Every Local Authority provides information about support available to you and your child under their ‘Local Offer’.

If you are a Blackpool resident you can find your Local Offer here: Blackpool local offer – FYi Directory

If you live in Fylde and Wyre your Local Offer is provided by Lancashire County Council; Special educational needs and disabilities – local offer – Lancashire County Council

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