Family Nurse Partnership (Expectant mothers under 20 years of age)

The family nurse partnership programme has been specially designed for first-time mums who would like to be the best parent they can be. Family nurses visit during pregnancy and until the baby is two years-old.

Mums and nurses decide together what to cover in the visits, this can include caring for yourself and your baby in pregnancy, childcare, education, housing or finances.

Mums are the most important person in their baby’s life, but dads are important too, so partners or family members are welcome in the visit – many dads have already enjoyed the programme. You can find out more and hear real client stories here.

Where are we?

Whitegate Drive Health Centre,
150 Whitegate Drive,
Lancashire,FY3 9ES.
Getting Help

You can access the family nurse
partnership programme by
contacting the team using the
details below or through a
healthcare professional.

Monday to Friday
9am – 5pm
Contact Us

01253 951964

Extra Help


If you need help with British Sign Language or translation the team can arrange help through a translator or note taker.