Meet the Team

When you visit Blackpool Victoria there are many different people who each have different jobs helping to run the hospital and to make patients feel better. Below are pictures of some of the different people you might meet in the children’s unit. Some of our staff wear different uniforms so you can easily tell what their job is. They should all wear an ID badge with a photo, their name and their job title.

LIGHT BLUE – These are Staff Nurses, they are trained to work with poorly children and on each shift are assigned an area and children to look after.

NAVY BLUE – These are our Sisters or Charge Nurses. On each shift there is at least one Sister, they are in charge of running the unit and making sure that each patient has a Nurse looking after them as well as looking after patients.

Minnie Mouse tops! Our Play Team are specialists working with children and young people in hospital, they have the important job of making sure every child in hospital can play, even if they are sick and have to stay in bed. They also help children and young people when they are having different treatments by explaining what might happen and distracting you so that you aren’t scared.

We have 14 Paediatric (Pee-Dee-A-trick) Consultants. A Paediatric Consultant is a senior Doctor who has spent a lot of time studying and working with poorly children. Some of our Consultants have specialist areas, this means that they know and study a lot about a specific illness or condition and are the best people to see patients who have those conditions.

We also have a lot of other Doctors working in the Children’s Unit, some of these are still learning or are with us for a short while.

To find out more about our Doctors, you can view our Doctor Profiles.