Children’s Ward receives generous donation

Grace Brocklehurst

Blackpool Victoria Hospital has received boxes of new toys from a Mattel boys from a schoolgirl who was recognised for her kind deeds during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mattel donated the gifts to the Children’s Ward on behalf of nine-year-old Grace Brocklehurst, who lives in Springfield Drive, Thornton.

Grace’s mum Gemma, a teacher at Thornton Primary school and St Wulstan’s and St Edmund’s Catholic primary school in Fleetwood, speaking to the Blackpool Gazette, said: “I’m completely bursting with pride, we didn’t expect any of this.

“Because Grace has been in hospitals so often earlier in her life, I know how much these toys will mean to the children’s unit. It’s important to give children a sense of normality while they are poorly.

“It’s phenomenal that just by putting her toys out for other children to take, she has helped to provide other children with new toys at our local hospital.

“She is over the moon, she’s even made PowerPoint presentations to show her teachers when she goes back to school how she’s been helping other people during her time at home.”

Hayley Powers, Sister on the Children’s Ward, said: “We are very grateful to receive this lovely donation.

“The kindness from Grace is so lovely and shows how the community is coming together to support those in need.”

Rosanne Norman, Play Specialist, added: “Play is as important as every for children and we have adapted this to ensure children can play with toys, then take them home so we are delighted to have more toys for our children.

“Hospital is a scary time for children at any time, but with the current Covid situation we are trying to comfort families as much as possible.

“Grace is amazing and we are delighted that she recognises how important play and distraction is for children. We are so delighted to have her support.”

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