Children’s Ward donated with new Lego toys thanks to legacy from Blackpool resident

Play Specialist, Dawn Geraghty with five year old Melike Caglar and one year old, Joey Rhodes with his Mum, Laura Lishman

A kind donation has been left to the Children’s Ward at Blackpool Victoria Hospital in memory of Lucy Six Morris, a Blackpool resident, who sadly died of cancer recently. Lucy was known to have a love of all things Lego and her friends could think of no better way to honour her memory than to help bring the love of Lego and toys into children’s lives.

The Children’s Ward were absolutely delighted to receive the toys and expressed their thanks to Erica Wise, Lucy’s friend, for organising the donation.

Erica explained: “We could think of no better way to honour Lucy’s memory than by sharing her favourite toy with children who could find the same joy in them.

“Not only is Lego building good fun-it also improves social skills, encourages collaboration and creativity. It even helps in building dexterity and fine motor skills.

“She was a patient at the hospital in her last days she made reference to the good care she was receiving.

“Lucy lived in Blackpool, loved Lego and spent her last days at this hospital. No one was going to gain more from this than the Children’s Ward at Blackpool. It’s where all points converged.

“Lego Movie (2014) had one of the catchiest songs and part of the lyrics is, “Everything is awesome.” It’s one quote that Lucy used and we have since associated with her. Despite all of her health issues, Lucy was a fighter, a bright spirit and always managed to make us laugh.

“We hope that, to honour Lucy’s memory, this small token will bring smiles to your fighters.”

Play Specialist, Dawn Geraghty, said: “The Lego is a fantastic distraction tool for the children to play with while they can be feeling very poorly.

“They say that play is medicine- and interaction, social and concentration skills are very important for children when they are in a hospital environment.

“The Lego is also great for the children so they can interact with other children and families in a fun way and it makes a change from other toys we currently have on the ward.

“We are very appreciative and grateful to receive this lovely donation. All the kind gifts we receive are put to good use and we want to make the children’s experience the best it can be for them and their families.”

A mum on the unit, Laura Lishman, said: “It’s great for the children to have new toys to play with.

“I’m very happy that my son, Joey will get the chance to play with the Lego.”


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