Children visit the Vic to learn about mercy

PUPILS from a Blackpool primary school put a smile on patients’ faces when they visited Blackpool Victoria Hospital to learn how NHS staff care for patients.

The year two class from Christ the King Catholic Academy are learning about mercy at school and part of their Religious Education curriculum involves learning about healing and people who are sick.

The children brought in hand made get well soon cards and spent their day talking to the patients on the ward and learning from NHS staff.

Gemma Smith, Ward 26 Manager, said: “This is the first time we’ve had a visit from a school and it was brilliant! We definitely want to do more of this sort of thing.

“Our patients found it so lovely. Some of them don’t have regular visitors seeing them so it was so kind of the children to talk to our ladies and remind them of family.

“The visit really brightened up everyone’s day and the children were able to learn more about why people come to hospital, what care we provide and we actually taught them about pulses so they know how to check theirs.”

Miss Jackson, a teacher from Christ the King Catholic Academy, added: “Year 2 had been learning about the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy as part of their RE unit.

“One of the works of mercy is to ‘visit the sick’ and so the children decided that they could deliver get well soon cards to local patients as a way of cheering them up and carrying out Jesus’ work in their local community. The day was a great success and both the children and patients were delighted with the visit.

“The children learned first-hand about the important jobs that the nurses have and how they could help care for those are poorly in Blackpool.

“Thank you to Blackpool Victoria Hospital for allowing us the opportunity to visit and spread Jesus’ love and care in our local community.”



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