Caring community manager cheers up staff

Kay Dalton, Community Manager, has cheered her team up by dotting stones with kind words and adding in thank you cards to the lanyards staff wear.

Kay said: “As a team manager in a community setting I saw how isolating and at times daunting it was for staff.

“I just wanted them to know that they are appreciated and to say thank you.

“The thank you stones were to share around the office and for other staff in the organisation who I felt have been really supportive towards me.

“I personally think a thank you can have so much impact and I wanted staff to know I value them and all the hard work, dedication and commitment they have shown prior to the Covid outbreak and continue to show on a daily basis without fear.”

A member of Kay’s team, Kim Blythe, said: “Kay’s gesture to the team was so lovely and it’s lovely to know our management are supporting us and thinking of the team during this challenging period.

“Kay is so thoughtful to do this and I think we are all feeling lonely at times as our roles in the community have become more isolated in recent weeks.

“We are so grateful for the kindness and support.’’

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