#BTHTeamFocus: Children’s Community Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy Team

#BTHTeamFocus: Children’s Community Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy Team

We are highlighting our community teams to show the service they offer to children and their families in Blackpool and the surrounding areas.

The Children’s Community Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy Team, managed by Rachel Martin, offers specialist care to children and young people aged from 0-19 and is made up of physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

They support children in their own homes, nurseries, schools and independent living environments too, often working closely with other professionals and the family.

Team leader, Rachel Martin, said: “Our aim is to help children to be able to live to the best of their ability.

“We want to minimise difficulties and enhance their experiences. Therapy does not have to be complicated and is delivered through basic tasks such as dressing, washing and daily life.

“We consider everyone’s needs, working as a team to educate and advise everyone involved in the care. Many children on the caseload will spend their entire childhood within our service meaning the therapists become an integral part of their family life.”

The team focuses on the physical and functional potential to maximise ability and to normalise movement.

Gareth Troughton, Highly Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist and one of the service leads said:  “Many of our children cannot manage their posture so we have to do a lot of work with them to help them with this.

“The team links in with podiatry, surgical appliances, orthotic services, wheelchair services and equipment services to support what we do.

“We educate parents and families on exercises and equipment and how they can support their child.

“The younger a patient comes into our services the best for them and their development as they have more chance of mobilising, learn how to adapt and improve function.

“With referrals rising and patients having more complex needs the challenges facing the team are increasing. However all would agree what a rewarding job they have.’’

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