BTH nurse invited to national NHS celebrations

Cavan McKenna

Cavan McKenna

A staff nurse from Blackpool Teaching Hospitals will be taking part in the national NHS birthday celebrations.

Cavan McKenna, 30, who works in the Haematology Unit, has been asked to attend the National Service of Thanksgiving on the anniversary of the foundation of the NHS at St Paul’s Cathedral, London on Monday, 5 July 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest public health emergency in a century and has tested the skill and dedication of NHS staff, volunteers and countless others.

The service is intended to recognise the contribution made by so many people to the pandemic response including most recently the vaccination programme.

Cavan said: “I feel it is a great honour and privilege to be chosen to go to London to the St Paul’s Cathedral to be celebrating the 73rd anniversary of the NHS.

“I am not sure why I was chosen to go as each and every one of us that work within the NHS deserve this opportunity, so I take great pride In going and representing my team on the Haematology Unit at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.”

Sarah Wilding, Haematology Ward Manager, said: “Both me and the whole Haematology team are very proud that Cavan will be represented Blackpool Teaching Hospitals and the Haematology department on a national stage.

“Cavan has overcome a lot of personal battles to be in the job he is today and in choosing him to be part of the celebrations, it really is testament to the dedication he and nurses across the country show on a daily basis especially over the last difficult year. What a honour to be part of such a prestigious day.”

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