Waiting times for results reduced at Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Blue Skies has funded two state-of-the-art pieces of medical equipment that rapidly reduces waiting times for results.

The charity provided over £130,000 worth of funding to purchase a MALDI-ToF Biotyper for the Pathology Labs at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Lizzie Savanco, a Biomedical Scientist, explained the benefits of the new machine.

She said: “In the past we had to incubate organisms for 24 hours, pick out significant findings, and then wait another 24 hours to identify them.

Now, we can ID the samples in 30 seconds, which cuts the whole process short and is great in terms of letting the consultants know sooner.”

The charity provided a further £35,000 to purchase the SediMAX Urine Microscopy Analyser, also for use in the Labs.

Previously, the department has had to carry out all urine analysis using manual microscopy.

Biomedical Scientist, Paul Regan, explained that by using the Analyser, negative samples can be rapidly excluded and it frees up more time for the scientists to carry out other tasks.

This new automated system has massively improved efficiency in the labs and reduced the turnaround times for results.

Head of Fundraising, Kila Redfearn, said: “We’re so pleased to see these two pieces of equipment being used and delivering a brilliant service.

They’re perfect examples of things that the charity is able to fund to improve the patient experience!”