Waiting time for results reduced by half for cancer patients

Waiting time for results for haematology patients have been reduced by half thanks to a new staining machine funded by Blue Skies Hospitals Fund.

The charity for the Trust funded the £11,466 machine as part of their work to enhance patient care.

Gary Tye, Senior Biomedical Scientist explains how important this piece of equipment is to the department.

He said: “It can run results off in 12-15 minutes and releases staff time, so that improves the turnaround time for everyone.

The machine we had before was very old, but the reason we went to Blue Skies was that this new one does so much more.”

The lab runs around 1,700 full blood count samples per day and the Aerospray Staining Machine helps aid the diagnosis of haematological conditions such as leukaemia and anaemia.

Kila Redfearn, Head of Blue Skies, said: “Although this isn’t something that patients will physically see, the effects of the new machine will massively change their experience within the hospital and is an amazing use of charity funding!”