New Software to Save Lives

Patients in Blackpool Teaching Hospitals will now benefit from a new revolutionary software system that tracks changes in emergency equipment held within the organisation’s resuscitation trollies.

Recently purchased by the Trust’s Resuscitation Team, through Blue Skies, such equipment is used during lifesaving medical emergencies where every second counts.

Prior to the digitisation of the process, staff had to maintain a time consuming paper checklist. The system also allows real time auditing which otherwise would have been a laborious process. This frees staff up and they are able to spend more time in caring for patients.

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals is one of the first pioneering Trusts to adopt the system.

Stephen Clift, Senior Resuscitation Officer for the Trust says, “This software increases the emergency readiness of equipment held in all clinical areas and allows emergency teams to better respond to the needs of our patients. We are extremely grateful for this donation, such readiness systems will help save lives.”