Hand crafted items raise £400 for cancer services

Norma Hindle set her superb sewing skills to use when she raised over £400 for the Macmillan Windmill Unit at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Having made dresses and school uniforms for her daughters, she showed off her creative flair through her fundraising effort.

Norma Hindle and her husband, Colin.

Norma created a toadstool playset, duvet with appliquéd pictures and a luxury Christmas stocking for a Christmas raffle. Whilst most of her items were sold at a craft stall, the toadstool, which took two years to make, proved so popular that she sold it on Facebook before it even made it to the stall.

Currently going through her own battle with cancer, she said: “It was like a light bulb moment, this is what I need to do. I need to raise money to give something back that I feel is more beneficial to patients than people realise.”

The monies raised will go towards purchasing a complementary therapy bed which would ease the treatment process and take some of the pain and stress away. She explained that leaning on your hands while having treatment can be particularly painful for those with nerve damage, therefore a specially designed bed would be ideal.

Norma, who has been sewing since she was just nine years old, explains that it was difficult to keep going through her treatment but that she knew she had something to aim for.

“At times when I’ve been so ill I’ve just done a few minutes, but I love it.”

She speaks highly of the sewing group she is a member of, saying that the other women are incredibly supportive, and the cause is something everyone can get behind.

Norma is already well on her way preparing more handcrafted pieces to continue her fundraising.