Fundraising duo retire after 10 years of charity work

After 10 years of fundraising and thousands of pounds raised, the dynamic duo that made up “Hint of Pink” have retired.

Ruth Boardman, 68, and Rena Shanahan, 78, came together a decade ago to raise money for Blackpool Victoria Hospital’s Breast Cancer Care Centre.

“We started fundraising as a way of giving back to those who had helped us through our own breast cancer journey. Our original idea was to help soften up the surroundings in the unit making it less intimidating for those who attend it.”

The pair created “Hint of Pink” as a symbol of the Breast Care Centre fund within Blue Skies and have organised more than a few fundraisers over the years.

From garden parties, afternoon tea’s, sports tournaments and quiz nights, to their highly anticipated annual Chocobola at The Vic, you name it and they’ve done it.

Both were also former staff at the hospital, Ruth as a Ward Sister and Rena as a Midwife.

“There were times during the years of fundraising that we had a few problems but most of the time it was rewarding and fun- albeit hard work. And the very generous members of the public that always helped us out.”

Together they’ve raised in the region of £150,000, and have helped purchase a long list of equipment, including an Ultrasound Machine, Mammogram Chair, Thor Laser and a database for the Family History Clinic.

They also fundraised for the Faxitron Biovision X-Ray Machine, a portable machine able to provide instant X-Ray of breast specimen in theatre during surgery.

Costing £63,500, the device is much more efficient both in terms of finding out details about specimens and freeing up the theatre and theatre staff sooner.

Both survivors of breast cancer, Ruth & Rena know the big a difference even the smallest of items can make during treatment.

They also fundraised to make the Breast Cancer Care Centre more welcoming, purchasing new cushions, throws, lighting, microwave and colouring books.

“We are very proud of what Hint of Pink has achieved with help from many good people.

Their hard work and determination to give back will be felt by many for years to come, as the pair now focuses their spare time on their families.