Charity funds chairs for loved ones in hospital

Blue Skies has funded specialist chairs to help reduce anxiety and isolation for dementia patients at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and Clifton Hospital.

The charity  has purchased a number of day beds and recliner chairs to help patients suffering from dementia cope with unfamiliar surroundings, by allowing families and carers to stay by their bedside.

Eleanor Walsh, Head of Patient Experience at The Vic, said: “These chairs will allow a known relative or carer to stay with them for longer and overnight, giving the patients some familiarity to their routine, reduce anxiety and increase their well-being to help them recover more quickly.”

The provision has come as part of John’s Campaign, an initiative based upon the experience of Dr John Gerrard who died in hospital with Alzheimer’s in 2014 and whose family believes his decline was due in part to limited contact with loved ones.

Blue Skies, the charity for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, provided the £26,320 worth of funding as part of their work to enhance patient care across the Fylde Coast.

Keith Muller from Blackpool, visited his mother Barbara, 85, at The Vic who, alongside other members of the family were able to be by her side during the final few days of her life.

He explained that having the ability to use the chair was wonderful for the person watching over Barbara.

“The chair was just so valuable for the ‘long staying’ family who needed to be by her side continually during the last 5 days of her life. It is hard enough, being in such a situation, but having the comfort of this facility really helped us all.”