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Butterfly Effected

22 September 2022

Butterfly Effected

Butterfly Effected

“our aim is to inspire and give hope when ‘normality’ or
happiness seems non- existent

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Christian, aka Seca One Art. Christian has recently transformed the AMU corridor into a kaleidoscope of colour, hope and inspiration, with his butterflies. The aim of the Butterfly Effected project is to spread positivity and wellbeing, using art as a vehicle.

“I came back to what I love, and I’d just like to show other people

 that they can turn things around and move forward too.”

Since turning his life around, after 14 years of substance abuse, Christian has started, The Butterfly Effected project. This project is working towards inspiring anyone who may be going through a hard time, due to anything from mental health, trauma, sickness, addiction, abuse, or other personal troubles, by sharing stories of hope and positivity, by others in similar situations or who have come through the other side.
Christian is now 11 years clean and is ambitious to spread this inspiring project, worldwide!

We’ve had a catch up with Christian, so he can share his story.

I’ve been through my own kind of crazy journey which has inspired me to do this, and this kind of project, it’s like I’m giving something back.

As an artist it’s hard to get noticed, I think I’m fortunate in what I do with street art, as it markets itself, its already out there for everyone to see.

From this first piece (AMU Corridor) the project has already started to evolve. Over the week I had many conversations with people passing by. Being in a hospital, I won’t go too much into personal circumstances, but I know this has given them something nice to focus on, a tiny bit of hope and a glint of happiness in the hard time they and their relatives have been through in the past or are going through right now. We have started to put together a small, strong, passionate team for this project.  Just rolling it out slowly at first, hopefully this is just the start. We have big plans…”

Christian has painted murals spanning the UK including commissions in the North West, Cumbria and London.

Furthermore, he has travelled the world with his art which can be found in places such as L.A, Mexico and Morocco amongst other international locations.

His work has been recognised by household brands such as Rubik’s Cube, Amazon and Kopparberg – Including commission based work for Bankhall Brewery, Kodak and the most notable being two commissioned works for Netflix.

If you want to keep up to date with this project and to see more of Christian’s amazing work, follow Seca One on all social media.


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