Your feedback is vital to us

Chief Executive, Kevin McGee

I SENT a note to all staff this week to inform you of the NHS People Pulse survey.

This is a national survey that is asking for your views and comments and I really want you to take part because, as I have said many times now, your health and wellbeing is one of my top priorities because without you, we would not be able to provide the amazing care that we do to our patients.

The survey only takes five minutes to complete and will provide a national, regional and local view of your experience and wellbeing through the COVID pandemic. This will help to provide local and national context to enable changes to benefit staff and patients.

The questions look at how you coped with the pressures during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak and how you are feeling now as we move into the recovery phase. There are questions about how supported, motivated or anxious you may have felt, or feel, and what other support would make the biggest difference to your experience at work at this time.

The new staff ‘pulse check’ is entirely anonymous and voluntary. It is important as it will give us another way to learn about your views and experiences so we can provide the appropriate support.

The first survey for BTH is now live and will run until 29 July 2020. Click now to tell us how you feel. It is really important that we pause to reflect and evaluate how we are all feeling and coping and the NHS People Pulse survey will enable us all to do just that.

Thank You badges update

MEMBERS of the Executive team have been out and about this week delivering some of the new Thank You badges to staff across the Trust.

The badges are for all staff to thank you all for your efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been a totally unprecedented time and we thought this was captured in the design of our badges which detail the year, the rainbow and our own corporate colours. They will be a permanent reminder of how staff in all areas and departments pulled together to deal superbly with what has been regarded as the biggest challenge the NHS has ever faced.

Unfortunately the badges are coming to us in batches so cannot be distributed to all staff at once. Please stay patient as there will be a badge for everyone.

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