Thanks once again for all you are doing

It’s been another very busy week with a great deal of changes. By now you will have no doubt heard the news of Lancashire moving into the third tier of restrictions.

This follows the significant increase in COVID infections and a suggestion in local media that hospitals could be overwhelmed in the coming days and weeks.

I want to say a very special thank you to all our colleagues in Critical Care, on our wards, Patient Flow and Infection Control, to name just a few, for the work they have already done to prepare for a rise in cases.

Alongside that, there is a plea to everyone else, as we all have a huge responsibility to do all we can to minimise the associated risks around COVID. Especially now, as we go into the highest tier of restrictions.

When in work, please wear the appropriate level of PPE – noting the recent changes, practice good hand hygiene, and keep a safe, two metre, distance between you and  others. At home, observe all the restrictions and guidance in place.

Thanks too to all the staff who have so far taken part in the rapid staff swabbing exercise for clinical facing staff in all areas. This is an important call and has demanded a lot of work from a team of people behind the scenes to get everything ready and I want to say a big thank you to them.

I want to say a big thank you in fact to everyone for everything you are doing and I want to once again remind you that your health and wellbeing really matters to us and the Trust has produced a newsletter called You Matter that highlights some of resources available to offer you information and support.

We hope the information and resources in this newsletter will have a positive impact on your wellbeing. If you have any questions please contact the Health and Wellbeing team on 01253 957638 or email

Staff survey and flu vaccinations

I was delighted to see that almost 2,500 staff members have completed this year’s staff survey and more than 50 per cent of staff have had their flu vaccinations. This is a fantastic response to both campaigns and the figures are up there with some of the best performing Trusts in the country.

Pearse Butler

YOU will see from the Staff Bulletin that was issued today that our Chairman, Pearse Butler, is to leave the Trust early next year.

Pearse has been a massive support for me since I have been at the Trust and has proved something of an
inspiration for all of the Board. He is a huge advocate for the patient and his emphasis on safety and providing the highest quality care comes through at all levels.

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