Thank you for taking your part in history

HELLO and welcome to the latest Chief Executive’s blog at the end of what has been an historic week for us with BTH being so heavily involved in the roll out of the national Pfizer vaccine on Tuesday.

When Agnes Lovatt became the first person on the Fylde coast to get the vaccination at about 9.30am it was a truly momentous occasion as we were one of only 50 vaccination hubs in the country to be chosen to give the jabs. In many ways it felt like a critical moment in the fight against the virus and it gives us a real sense of optimism moving forward.

Covid Vaccination hub

Covid Vaccination hub

Everyone involved in setting up the vaccination hub should be amazingly proud of their efforts. I went to visit the hub this week to speak to staff and was really impressed by what everyone had done. It took a huge amount of work to get the hub open in time and the logistics of  making everything work have been immense and I’m in awe of the work of so many teams and departments. I really do want to pass on my thanks to everyone who helped make this a reality for our public and our staff.

I also want to thank staff for their participation in this year’s staff survey and flu vaccination programmes.

We had the biggest ever staff survey response of 48 per cent which is something to really celebrate. I can assure you that we will look through all the results once they are gathered together and produce plans to help make BTH an even better place to work.

At the same time our flu vaccination campaign is getting close to a figure of 80 per cent of staff being vaccinated. That is again another excellent figure but there is still time for staff who haven’t got their vaccines yet to do so. Now is a good time as there needs to be a gap between getting the flu jab and COVID vaccination which all staff will be offered shortly. Please contact Occupational health for details of how to get your flu jab.

Finally I know this December is going to be tough for many of you. I had a call with colleagues yesterday and many said just how drained people are feeling. I honestly think everyone has given their all in 2020. No one could have done any more.

Christmas is not easy for everyone and I am concerned about people suffering from ‘burnout’.

As the additional stresses of Christmas preparations combine with the work pressures that come at this time of year and the fatigue from the year that has passed.

I want you all to take notice of your colleagues and be aware of any signs and symptoms such as increased anxiety or irritability.

Have you noticed a colleague is particularly angry, upset or behaving out of character?

Maybe you have noticed these in yourself?  This could be a sign of burnout, please don’t ignore them. Get help as quickly as possible.

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