Rising to the biggest challenge

WELCOME to my latest blog which comes at the end of yet another incredible week for all of us.

I am sure I am not alone in thinking that life is on hold for so many of us at the moment as we deal with what will probably be the biggest challenge of our careers. But what carries me through everything is you. The way I see you all come together to fight this pandemic head on to treat patients is remarkable.

I know it is what we do, but it is at times like this that public services like the NHS, ambulance staff, police, fire and councils, really come to the fore and keep the country going. It was good to see The Gazette feature the great work that is going in the NHS through their front page story last Saturday which is printed here.

The next few months will be difficult. There will be anxious moments for us and our families and that is why it is important that everyone sticks together. I have been humbled by some of the examples of teamwork I have seen, but I have also heard reports of some people’s behaviours not being as they should be and, although I understand the frustrations, we have to make sure we are there for our colleagues as well as our patients. The message is please “be kind.’’

As a Trust we are doing all we can to help you. We know things are demanding and stressful, but your safety, health and wellbeing really matters to us and we are doing all we can to help to make things a little easier. We have suspended all car parking charges and charges for staff and volunteers for food from our staff restaurants. Staff from our Blue Skies charity are working tirelessly to co-ordinate the gifts we have had from our community and they have been doing a tremendous job in trying to help their colleagues.

As you will see in this week’s edition of Weekly News, our Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care team is also on hand to
provide an additional supportive resource.

If you need to talk to someone they are there to help so please give them a ring on Ext 56299 or 53876 if you
need anything. Thank you to all the team for their support.

If you can, rest at the weekend – I think we are all going to need all of our energy as we progress through
this. And if you are working, thank you.

I would finally urge everybody to take every opportunity to share the important advice to everyone you know – stay
home, wash your hands and stay two metres away from people.

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