Important message about annual leave

I HAD some time off last week on annual leave.

You may wonder where I am going with this statement but it was a much needed few days away from work and something that reminded me of the importance of striking the work-life balance.

Like the vast majority of people in the Trust the Covid pandemic has overtaken my life over the past few months. It has probably been the most intense period of my NHS career so far and it is a subject that is all embracing because you are surrounded by it all day at work and in almost every other area of our lives too.

I know that a lot of people have given up leave over the last few months to help us get through the pandemic. That support and help was gratefully received but there is a realisation now that Covid is not going to go away any time soon and I would encourage everyone to take some leave when they can to look after their own health and wellbeing.

I know people are physically and mentally tired because of the situation they are working in and I am making a heartfelt plea for those people to take the leave they are due. A short rest makes a massive difference to your mental health and wellbeing.

Talking of wellbeing, please look in the dedicated health and wellbeing folder on SharePoint. In there you will find a whole host of guidance and information for selfcare, talking therapies and apps available for everyone to tap into, no matter where you work or what you do.

How well you are doing mentally and physical is incredibly important to me, your loved ones and more specifically you! Please look after and be kind to yourselves and those around you. Burning out is not what we want.

The importance of social distancing

WE keep hearing about social distancing, but what does it mean for us in the Trust?

Well, the rules apply to us as much as anyone else. They are extremely clear and mean that you should not get closer than two metres from someone else who is not in your household. Obviously, there are some aspects of our work where this is impossible – hence appropriate PPE.

However, in moving around the Trust and carrying out your work you must keep your distance. Keep to the left when walking down our corridors and keep two metres apart.

If you see someone who isn’t social distancing or is making it difficult for you to distance yourself (for example if they are blocking a route) it really is okay to politely challenge them – indeed you should challenge them.

And if it is you who are being challenged – remember our Trust values and behave accordingly. Remember, this is policy not a suggestion. Please do stay as aware as possible when you are moving around our buildings; or indeed any public space!

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