Emotional week for everyone

THIS has been an amazingly emotional week at the Trust this week with the death of a very popular, long serving colleague in everyone’s minds.

Eleuterio “Boy’’ Gibela was clearly a much loved individual who had served the Trust for a long time and was very much part of the Blackpool family. To lose one of your own really highlights the situation we are in and is why each and every one of you deserves the praise and thanks of the nation for what you are doing.

I must confess that Eleuterio’s death has had an impact on me and I know it will have had on you too. That is why it is so vital that everyone looks after their own mental health and also looks after the colleagues at this time. We really do need to support everyone at the moment and show compassion and empathy when we need to.

I have used this phrase a lot lately but it really is OK to not to be OK. If you need time to reflect please do. Please use one of the wobble rooms that we have in place throughout the Trust or please make sure you use the services available through the Health and Wellbeing team.

Many if us have a lot of years of working in the NHS behind us but nothing has ever matched the current situation we are in so please remember that and look after yourselves both physically and mentally.


WE have talked a lot about NHS Heroes over the past few weeks and months and today is an apt time to remember heroes of the past as we celebrate VE Day this week.

Friday, May 8th, 2020 marks 75 years since Nazi Germany’s formal surrender at the end of the Second World War and on VE (Victory in Europe) Day in 1945, millions took to the streets to celebrate peace after years of devastating war and it is only right that we remember the heroes who helped secure that peace for the next generations all those years ago.

The Covid-19 pandemic has drawn a lot of comparisons to war with the words in the media often talking about things such as the “frontline staff battling against an unknown enemy’’ and the “heroes who are fighting the war against Covid.”

The link here for me is that there are times in history when we have to be strong and battle an enemy of sorts but also that we will get through it thanks to the heroes who are helping us get life back to some form of normality. That is where we are at the moment in time but there will be better days ahead and we need to remember that.

Thank you once again from myself and the Board if Directors for everything you are doing. For those who have some time off over the Bank Holiday please enjoy it with your families. If you are working then thank you very much for your continued support.

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