Blackpool healthcare worker proves anyone can be a lifesaver

Sharon Parsons (middle) with Jenny Unsworth (left) and Heather Mudie (right)

A Blackpool radiology worker became a real life NHS hero when she saved the life of a patient who had a cardiac arrest.

Sharon Parsons, a part time Radiology Support Worker at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, found herself in a medical emergency and had to perform CPR compressions to a patient who had become unconscious during a medical appointment.

Talking about the incident Sharon said: “I had to deal with a medical emergency when I was on shift working in the CT department.

“An 82-year-old lady was taken out of the scanner and had gone into cardiac arrest.  This was completely unexpected and I was one of the first on the scene.

“I had dealt with cardiac arrests before. I immediately put on the call out to 2222, remained calm and started with the compressions instantly after I had called for help from our resuscitation team.

“After a second round of compressions I felt a pulse and then felt a huge amount of relief.

“Within minutes help arrived in the form of Heather Mudie who is a resuscitation officer.

“Ironically, Heather actually trained me in basic life support and I was happy to see her help.

“All I was thinking was to remember what Heather had taught me and I knew it was my responsibility to do my best for this patient.

“I have a very positive attitude and I feel so pleased to be part of the workforce.

“I feel so valued and I am just living the dream working here and being part of the Radiology team.

“I was obviously worried for the outcome of the patient. But we found out some months later that she had survived this cardiac arrest which was fantastic!

“CPR is so important and everyone should be trained in it as you never know when you will need it!

“People can have a cardiac arrest anywhere and anytime in the hospital and I do believe I was the right person, in the right place, at the right time.”

Resuscitation officer, Heather Mudie added: “Sharon’s quick actions were vital.

“Quick implementation of basic life support is vitally important in achieving positive outcomes from cardiac arrest.

“Sharon performed exemplary CPR. The quick assessment and initiation of CPR was defiantly a contributory factor to the patient surviving.”

Sharon’s manager, Jenny Unsworth also added: “Sharon and all our Radiology Support Workers play a very important role within the radiology team.

“Their job is to prepare patients for their examinations answering questions and providing information. They also care for them during and after their examinations to ensure that their journey through our department goes smoothly.”

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