Biomedical Sciences highlighted during day of awareness at Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Some of the Biomedical Scientists who took part in the day at Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Biomedical scientists at Blackpool Victoria Hospital highlighted their work as part of a national event.

The Trust’s Communications team used social media to promote the work of the Biomedical Sciences teams throughout Biomedical Sciences Day.

Joanne Sharples, Cellular Pathology Manager for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The pathology staff were all really enthusiastic and supportive and we had lots of willing participants to have photos taken to share on the day.

“We had an information stand on the mezzanine which attracted lots of attention from other hospital staff and patients and visitors too. We were asked questions from some young school children interested in science.

“We were also asked questions about the work we do, from people looking to work in biomedical science to people asking about careers in pathology. We had questions from patients who were asking questions about where their samples go to be tested and what happens next.

“It was great to see the reactions when we explained the work of a biomedical scientist and they had no idea! Hopefully we helped to raise the profile of biomedical science and the important work that we do.”

There are 240 Pathology staff within the Trust including biomedical scientists, medical laboratory assistants, assistant practitioners, phlebotomists and many more.

More than 70 per cent of diagnoses made in the NHS are based on pathology results provided by biomedical scientists and other laboratory staff. The results of the tests enable doctors to diagnose disease and monitor patients’ treatment.

The Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) is the professional body for biomedical scientists, support staff and students. The organisation support members in their practice of biomedical science and set quality standards for the profession through training and qualifications. The IBMS launched the first Biomedical Science Day on July 19, 2017. Further information about the day is one their website


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