Baby Loss

The loss of a baby, whether during pregnancy, labour or soon after birth, is a tragedy and a time of distress for everyone involved.

Sadly baby loss is not rare – and as a hospital Trust, we are here to help, support and inform grieving parents following the loss of their baby.

We have a bereavement support Nurse Specialist who has been specially trained to support parents and immediate family members following the death of a baby. When bereaved parents decide to try to have another baby we also now have Rainbow midwives, to support and care for the couple in their subsequent pregnancies. You are not alone with your grief and we can help with immediate support and advice as well as long term care.

Below are some special videos family members have recorded to try to help you with your grief along with messages from specialist staff at the Trust.

It's ok to talk about... Baby Bereavement

Laura Wilkinson - Mum

Laura Wilkinson - Mum

“Grace had an anomaly in her brain which was a severe threat to life. After tests and meetings with neuro experts we made the hardest decision to end the pregnancy. We wanted the best for Grace and did not want her to suffer and we brought her into the world peacefully.”

Kevin Williams - Dad

Kevin Williams - Dad

“It was hard for people to know what to say after we lost River. We wanted to talk about it, we had had created a beautiful daughter, but a lot of people could not understand. Getting counselling was the best thing we did.”

Karen Foden - Grandmother


Karen Foden - Grandmother

“My daughter had five miscarriages and one ectopic pregnancy. I found it hard as a mum not to be able to put everything right for my baby. I felt lost because I could not make everything okay.”

Megan Nelson Hunter - sibling

Megan Nelson Hunter - sibling

“My brother and sister who died have always been part of my life and we always remember them. I was born exactly two years to the day after Lauren and I always celebrate her special day as well as my birthday.”

It’s ok to talk about …. the care the Trust can offer

Chief Executive, Kevin McGee, explains how important it is to offer compassionate bereavement support when necessary:


Medical Director, Dr Jim Gardner, explains that baby death is not rare and that help is always available to families going through bereavement:


Divisional Director of Nursing and Quality, Nicola Parry, talks about how important having the right support in place is for grieving families:

Specialist bereavement nurse, Megan Murray, talks about how the Trust’s care can help grieving families:

Rainbow midwives, Amie Barnes and Laura Walsh talk about the service they can offer to help parents going through subsequent pregnancies following baby death:

Contact us

Our bereavement services can be contacted on 01253 956877.

External links

The Miscarriage Association
A UK-wide network of support volunteers, who have been through the experience of pregnancy loss themselves and can offer real understanding and a listening ear.

The Stillbirth & neonatal death charity - Sands exists to reduce the number of babies dying and to ensure that anyone affected by the death of a baby receives the best possible care and support for as long as they need it. We have a local group in Blackpool who meet monthly

National SANDS helpline: 0207 436 5881

Local contact: Claire, 07938 977676 or email

National Miscarriage Association

National helpline: 01924 200799

Local contact: Angela 07340983954

Foundation Study of Infant Death (FSID)

National helpline: 0808 802 6868

Ante-natal Results and Choices (ARC)

National helpline: 0845 077 2290 or 0207 713 7486, or email

Providing vital memory boxes and equipment to hospitals and families.

Aching Arms

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