Are you a dementia carer? We would welcome your views at our public meeting

Are you a dementia carer? You can help the Trust to take it’s John’s Campaign plan forward by attending a public meeting at Blackpool Victoria Hospital on May 8, from 3pm.

In the meeting there will be an opportunity for you to share your personal experience of open visiting times with the rest of the participants in the room and on camera.

If you would feel comfortable doing this, please copy the details below and e-mail it to



Contact details (phone/e-mail):

Name of the loved one you will be discussing:

Please state what your relationship is to them:

Please state how long your loved one stayed in hospital:

Were you restricted in visiting them during this time:        Yes    /    No

Please state how this impacted upon both them and you:



Please state what you feel the benefits are of open visiting for a family carer of a loved one with a cognitive impairment:



The Trust plans to pilot open visiting hours initially on their care of the elderly and orthopaedic wards to see what the benefits and disadvantages are for the patient, carer, staff and the organisation before it is rolled out further.

Relatives and carers of patients with dementia are encouraged to attend to discuss how hospital visiting restrictions has affected their overall experience, and what access and support they would like to help looking after their relative or friend while they are in hospital.



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